Developing Business Activities on a Technology Base in Lightning Surge Protection with a View to the Next Generation

Light Surge Protection Technology
Gas Tube Arresters (GDTs)
Gas Tube Arresters (GDTs)

These are the surge-protective devices that guard the system equipment that is connected to the telecommunication, control, and power lines from-transient surge voltage. Nisshin Electric’s GDTs have been supported by our long-standing technical experience in this field, and the Company carries various models suitable for many different conditions.

Type DC Sparkover Voltage (100V/s) Series
2-electrode type 75V~3600V SRYH,SRYG,SRYA,2PB
3-electrode type 90V~600V SR3YP,3PB
5-electrode type 230V SR5YD
Ultra-fast action type 200V~230V 2PX
Surface Mount type 90V~300V 2PB-SMD,2PE-SMD,3PB-SMD
Filter and Electromagnetic Control (EMC) Technology
EMI Suppression Parts
EMI Suppression Parts

Nisshin Electric is the Authorized Distributor in Japan for Fair-Rite Products Corp. and Micrometals Inc., of the United States.
We carry various models of EMI ferrite cores (including toroidal cores, sleeves, lead beads, data line noise filters, and dust cores).

Lightning Detection Technology
Portable Thunder Detector
Portable Thunder Detector

Nisshin Electric’s “Raitan-kun” is a Portable Thunder Detector. It picks up lightning discharges as far as 40-kilometer away, and gives alarms in three levels (beep and LED lamp) based on the lightning strength and distance from the detector. This will help you to quickly take shelter from potential hazards during outdoor work, construction, mountain climbing, hiking, and other activities.

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Thunder Detector
Thunder Detector

The Thunder Detector is designed to detect thunder that is accompanied by lightening as well as thunder that occurs at close range but is not accompanied by lightening within a 40-kilometer radius. When thunder that exceeds the preset danger level is detected, an alarm buzzer goes off. This detector is mainly used in communication or recreational facilities, to avert damage to facilities and injury to people and for providing assistance for taking appropriate action.

Surge Protective Device (SPD) for Ethernet
Surge Protective Device
Surge Protective Device for Ethernet

The NPL-1001 is a surge protective device for Ethernet. It has a built-in pulse transformer and has a surge withstand voltage value of 10 kV. Easy to install without the need to connect a ground wire.

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