Company Profile

Head Office 108-3 Sayamagahara, Iruma-shi, Saitama 358-0032,
Tel: +81-4-2934-4151
Fax: +81-4-2934-4155
Mission Management Philosophy
“We are aiming to be an attractive company that, through the originality and ingenuity of all our employees, provides products that delight our customers and adapts flexibly to changes in the information network society.”

Quality Policy
・We provide products based on our Management Philosophy and seek to increase customer satisfaction and achieve the continuing prosperity of the Company.
・We respond to requirements, review and adapt to social needs, and effectively assess quality management systems to promote continuing improvement in our activities.
・We set quality goals in line with our quality policy and monitor progress toward our objectives.
・We convey the importance to all employees of meeting legal and regulatory requirements and the requests of our customers.
・We implement management reviews to maintain appropriateness and relevance and verify the results.

Environmental Policy
・We assess the environmental impact appropriately, and, within the scope of what is technologically and economically possible, we set environmental objectives.
・To reduce the burden our business activities place on the environment, we work to prevent environmental pollution, conserve resources, save energy, sort waste prior to disposal, and recycle as well as promote the use of green products, parts, and other materials that have a minimum environmental impact.
・We endeavor to protect the natural environment by obeying environmental laws and regulations as well as preparing action plans based on our customers’ desires and those requirements that we agree with.
・We implement training and internal communication activities that raise the awareness of the natural environment among all employees and provide support for environmental protection activities in society at large and in the region.
Capital JPY 40 million
Employees 50people
President Kai Iwasaki
Products and Services Surge protective devices (SPDs)
Gas tube arresters (GDTs)
EMC(Electromagnetic control)electronic parts
Other lightning arresters and EMC-related products

Message from the President

Following its establishment in 1939, Nisshin Electric was incorporated in 1947 and has accumulated a record of working as a professional organization providing protection against lightning surges and, thereby, supporting the development of the information and telecommunication industries.

In the advanced information network, information and telecommunications are already major components of the social infrastructure, like water supply and electric power. Many types of equipment are connected to the network not only in the corporate workplace but also in the home, and the instances of lightning surge damage to this equipment are increasing. Since this damage has a major impact on corporate activities and people’s daily lives, there is a general consensus throughout society that this damage must be kept to a minimum.

In recent years, in addition to product development, Nisshin Electric has begun to offer consulting advice and services related to lightning surge protection and has built a record of accomplishments in protecting solar power generating systems from lightning damage. In addition, in 2003, Nisshin Electric became a member of the “Lightning Risk Minimization Consortium” and then, in 2006, a member of the “Japan Lightning Protection System Industry Association.” Through collaboration among industry, government ministries, and academia as well as the public and private sectors, Nisshin Electric has worked to promote various activities to prevent lightning damage before it occurs.

To be an attractive company that wins the confidence of customers and society at large, we will continue to engage in diligent initiatives. We request and look forward to your guidance and increased support for our activities.

Kai Iwasaki President